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Book that can heal,
and grow.

Designed to bring comfort, peace, and relaxation to the reader.

Contain uplifting stories, inspirational quotes, and meditative that help readers find calm in a hectic world.

- Finding You

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Hey, you. I don’t know who you are but…

finding you

How long do you have to wait to make yourself important?

To notice you are valuable, you are worthy. I guess now is the right time to find who you are.


So, this is specially made for you… →

Finding You by Hijrahsoul

"Nothing is more powerful than a broken soul rebuilding themselves."

Finding You by Hijrahsoul

Before you read further, let me share how this masterpiece exists in the first place. I believe my story is relatable with you.

Why I Create This Masterpiece?

I'm the same just like you. I felt like nobody during high school, then I grew up and landed two jobs to survive in this world before I created Hijrahsoul as my platform to express my thoughts.

Now, I’m a husband and a father. For real, despite the good times, life is hitting hard. I experience downtimes, anxiety, stress, pain, the fall and the failure. Which is why I write about them in FINDING YOU.

Discomfort ►

Acceptance ► 

Growth ✦

finding you by hijrahsoul

I designed it to bring comfort, peace, and relaxation to you.

It contains uplifting stories, inspirational deep quotes, affirmation and journaling that helps you find calm in a hectic world. May it become a light in your life.

What You Will Discover In FINDING YOU?

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Possibility for you to bloom in the future


Soothing quotes to have a better cry


Affirmation when dealing with downtimes


Reminders not to give up

stress-management (1).png__PID:b107e1a4-fa88-4274-a6cf-afc466965a2b

Ways to prevent self-sabotage


Hope to keep going and being alive


Journaling who you are


To keep moving forward despite challenges